MEDCottage Classic Redesign

not just a place to stay ... it's a place to live

Living ROO 


Mother Ship 



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The redesign will be similar to the original only it will come as a kit. You may assemble it yourself or hire a local contractor to install your MEDCottage.

MEDCottage Classic is currently only available in Virginia

We design solutions.

Garage Pod is designed for inside the garage. It comes in a kit so the homeowner can assemble inside a two bay garage. The windows are HD monitors, framed as windows with a corresponding HD camera outside creating the illusion of seeing out.

Rehabilitation Pod is zoning soft. It’s designed on an RV platform and can be placed in ninety percent of the municipalities in the US. It can be leased at a much less cost. It will be outfitted for extended care or short term rehab.


     the GRANNYPOD people
wheelchair accessible

​Dr. Kenneth J Dupin

MEDCottage is a division of N2Care LLC. 

Classic Layout