MEDCottage Plans starting@ $29.00

Not Available in NC,SC,VA  .

​Dr. Kenneth J Dupin

MEDCottage is a division of N2Care LLC. 


We design solutions.

The MEDCottage plans are for review and study. The price reflects a cost that allows an individual or family to determine the viability of this option.  A licensed contractor is suggested in the evaluation and construction of a MEDCottage should you choose to use these plans. The packet includes a full set of plans, photos from the construction process and finished pictures as well. The MEDCottage classic plans show a ceiling track, the structure is engineered for a ceiling mounted trapeze stabilization system but is not engineered for the transfer and mobility of bariatric patients. A direct material cost estimate is likely achieved at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

We have placed the MEDCottage in locations such as Alexandria, Virginia, just six miles from the White House.  Also, in Botetourt County, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and is one of the most remote locations in the eastern United States. Both of these residents passed away this year and both spent their final days very comfortable just a short distance from the people they loved most.  


     the GRANNYPOD people 

These plans were used in the construction of the MEDCottage classic. Nevertheless, they may not be sufficient for a building permit in all geographic locations and municipalities. This is a determination that can only be made by local zoning officials.
Subsequent reflects building codes for MEDCottage Plans
Building Codes
Building- 2006 Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code
Plumbing- 2006 International Residential Code*
Mechanical- 2006 International Residential Code*
Energy- 2006 International Energy Conservation Code
Electrical- 2005 National Electric Code
*Jurisdiction Adopted Amended
Design Criteria
Construction Type - V-B Floor Live Load- 40 psf
Occupancy Type- R-5 Grand Snow Load- 30 psf
Seismic Category - C Roof Live Load- 23 psf
Wind Speed- 120 mph Wind Exp