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There's a connection between how often we see our family and how close they live. 

The Story 

The story

Our Product is designed as an affordable alternative to nursing homes.

The MEDCottage is a mobile, modular medical dwelling designed to be temporarily placed on a caregiver's property for rehabilitation and extended care. Simply stated, it's a state-of-the-art hospital room   with remote monitoring available so caregivers and family members have peace of mind knowing they are providing the best possible care. Close proximity is so important when keeping family engaged in our life. This solution provides a beautiful dwelling close to the people we love.    


Other than family, nothing else really matters when we need care. N2Care is rooted in innovation. Since our inception, we have challenged the status quo with revolutionary options for quality senior care. As people age, they often need additional care, many of the treatment options take them away from family. N2Care's products give families the ability to directly participate in their loved ones' recovery or extended care.

​Dr. Kenneth J Dupin


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MEDCottage is a division of N2Care LLC. 

Fundamental to family caregiving is proximity to the one needing care.  There is a connection between the number of visits and the physical distance from family. Additionally, is the satisfaction factor, the experience must be enjoyable for both. It's unlikely we’ll continue something that’s not enjoyable or difficult to achieve.  Closeness with a degree of privacy is huge in making this happen. 

Our products give families choices and real solutions when participating in the extended care of people we love. ​We are focused on designing real solutions that encourage families to participate in caregiving while preserving one’s privacy.